About Us

Chiral Systems is your must-have all-in-one centralised platform where you can record and track everything you need to run your dental practice. Supported by a hands-on team committed to helping you work the system to its fullest potential, Chiral is the framework for both established practitioners and the next generation of clinical entrepreneurs who are in search of a system that delivers on both aspiration and function.

Practice management shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth. Our purpose-built solution addresses the biggest pain-points faced by dental practitioners. Chiral’s design means you don’t have to worry about trying to get different software products working together, allowing you to get on with treating patients. Chiral Cloud is here to ensure your team are all smiles. 

Dominic Hanlan

Chiral was built by Dominic Hanlan, a seasoned award-winning technology executive with over three decades of industry experience.

With a background at the world’s biggest telecommunications companies, Dominic knows the importance of clear communication. His experience includes stints at Ericsson, Nokia, and Alcatel, as well as a prestigious dental practice on London’s iconic Harley Street. Chiral Systems combines that experience to create a system designed for dentists, but with the speed and efficiency of a fibre-optic cable.