Chiral Cloud is an intelligent all-in-one solution that is secure, flexible and cost-efficient. Some of the key benefits for the practice and patients include:

Streamline surgery and reception workflow

  • Chiral’s white-glove onboarding process gets you up and running in hours rather than weeks or even months. Import practice data straight from the existing practice management software.
  • Secure access to your practice wherever, whenever. Easily access and update patient data through your existing practice computers, track performance, and keep your data safe via a secure cloud server. 
  • Patients also have secure access to their records anywhere and at any time and can securely book appointments online. Patients also have access to their treatment and payment plans.
  • Compliant video functionality allows your practice to offer safe virtual visits reducing the risk of exposure to patients and staff.
  • Our single license fee includes our dedicated maintenance service, which keeps things running with automated backup and security updates included.
  • We’re so confident you’ll love our product, our 30-day trial lets you try without any obligation to take up a licence.

Safety first

  • Nothing is more important than the safety of your patient records. 
  • Purpose-built with security and regulatory compliance in mind. Your cloud-based hub is compliant with GDPR and the most up-to-date UK regulations. 
  • All patient records are encrypted and stored in a secure UK-based data centre.

Diary management

  • Set up appointments with just a few clicks. Need to reschedule? No problem. Just drag-and-drop to the next convenient time.
  • See your schedule one day, one week, or one month ahead. The colour-coded diary system lets you distinguish between appointments at a glance.  
  • Stay in touch with your team with built-in instant messaging. Get alerts about new patient arrivals or send feedback to colleagues without having to leave the application.

Record & Reminder management

  • Securely access your patient records in one place. Chiral keeps track of your written notes and other vital documents, like X-Rays, prescriptions, and patient letters, allowing you to get more done. 
  • Updating records is straightforward, and you can upload any files you might need.  
  • Send reminder texts and emails without leaving the patient’s records. Prefer to call? Our optional video integration lets you reach and record patients with a simple click.
  • Access to an instant overview of your practice finances. Chiral lets you quickly identify outstanding balances and avoid missed appointments that can cost you money.

Treatment planning

  • Planning follow-up appointments has never been more accessible. Chiral Systems will suggest slots based on the patient’s schedule and any appropriate clinical wait-times.
  • Export treatment plans as a Microsoft Word document, so you can make your edits, add text or images, or print it out for later.
  • Need to follow-up? Chiral lets you call your patients with a couple of clicks. Or place a video call, for that face-to-face experience. 


  • Design bespoke report layouts using the tools you know. Our templates are based on standard Office files and help you monitor your critical KPIs.
  • Generate reports in just a click. All reports are saved as PDF files, so it’s easy to save and print them if needed. 
  • Multiple practices? Chiral lets you create reports for all locations within your business, making it easy to track performance.  
  • Want to drill down into your figures? Chiral Systems lets you export your reports as an Excel spreadsheet, allowing you to create your custom charts and graphs, and import your records into your accounting software.