Your practice data in safe hands


Our clever support system means that you can call us for assistance, while we access your computer remotely with your supervision offering a real-time verbal solution while the problem is fixed in front of your eyes. This remote access to your computer can only be accessed with direct permission but will help us to diagnose the problem and fix it as if we were in the room with you.

If you have a specific question about our practice management software, please check our constantly updated FAQ.

And for specific technical support issues, please use our dedicated support
Email: or call: 020 7099 9417.

Software Updates

Ongoing software updates are provided as part of the support agreement. These are supplied via the internet directly to the practice’s Chiral Server which distributes them to all the users. This is done automatically whenever an update is available.


The entire practice database is backed up every 24 hours and is automatically sent to a secure remote server. Once configured, the database backup is carried out during the night and requires no further user intervention.

A local backup can be performed at any time to any media (such as USB memory stick). The access to local backup is restricted to authorised users.

A practice with 7,500 patients and 6 years of diary and treatment history can be backed up in under 2 minutes. Say goodbye to backup tapes!

Data Import

At Chiral Systems, we understand that your existing practice data, and the smooth transition from an older system is critical. Due to this we have developed direct data import tools for both Gazelle and Software of Excellence systems. This means that the practice data held in these systems can, at the press of a button, be transferred to Chiral Systems software and the practice can be back up and running within hours.