“I was introduced to Chiral about two years ago and was impressed with the overall look and features of the package. However, at this stage it lacked either an orthodontic module or the ability to handle NHS claims. Over the following eighteen months we worked to help Dominic and the team develop both these areas.

The current version can now process and manage NHS claims and allows various reporting functions to assist with contract management. There is an orthodontic screen which can record sequential assessments for case monitoring. Data can be dropped into configurable GDP reports and letters. Underpinning this is a very capable, user-friendly practice management package with powerful account and reporting facilities.

The software is constantly evolving and the Chiral team are responsive to new ideas and suggestions. The package as it stands is already exceeding expectations and I look forward to the continuing development.”

Dr Paul Ward, Orthodontic Specialist and practice owner

“We have been using Chiral systems for my practice management software for over four years. We have found the system easier to use than previous alternatives and the technical support that we have had from the company has been excellent.

They have always responded quickly when asked to do so and reacted positively to suggestions for improvements. They have recently upgraded the system to make it even easier to use and more versatile. I am currently working on an endodontic assessment and treatment template which will be incorporated into the software package in the near future.

As with all their software it will be possible to customise the templates so that any clinician using them can have them adapted.”

Dr Tony Druttman, Endodontic Specialist and practice owner

We picked Chiral Systems on the back of word-of-mouth recommendations from our other peers. It’s still early days — we only recently integrated — but it’s been amazing to see how it’s helped us, especially in the pandemic days. Having everything stored in the cloud is handy for when you’re working remotely. And it’s one of the most accessible, most straightforward tools I’ve used in my nearly ten-year career so far.

I’m a big fan of the appointments tool. We’re a busy practice, and people travel to us. Having a way to see what the day looks like quickly and easily move existing appointments makes things run smoother. 

Fern Hennessey, Practice manager & Nurse

“We have had this dental patient management system installed since its inception. The principal Chiral team set the system up for us in a very efficient manner, facilitating its implementation as smoothly and painlessly as possible. They spent much time and effort in explaining it to our team members and nothing seemed to be too much trouble for them.

The support team have always been extremely prompt , efficient and effective at resolving any issues, remotely or onsite.

The system is very easy to use and is indeed user friendly . It is also remarkably adaptable and modifiable to suit individual practitioner needs. Recent updates have extended the functionality to provide almost everything any dentist may wish to use. The financial reports provided are excellent and instantly accessible. The Key Performance Indicators are invaluable as are the cost centres as they monitor specific treatment incomes.

I have been particularly impressed by the simplicity and logical layout of the system, particularly in comparison to its competitors .

I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Chiral systems.”

Dr George Druttman, Prosthodontist and practice owner BDS, LDS RCS (UK), MS. Cert.Pros (US)