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Tablet Integration

Chiral Systems has released secure mobile applications, allowing access to your practice diary, patient notes, history, images and chart. Changes to the diary will be notified instantly, putting the user in full control of their diary management. Relevant forms can be filled out by the patient on a tablet and signed electronically at no additional cost.

SMS Gateway

Chiral have developed their own SMS gateway offering low cost fixed rate SMS packages tailored to the practice needs, allowing for:

  • Recall reminders
  • Appointment reminders
  • Appointment booking confirmations
  • Ad-hoc recalls and general ad-hoc SMS


The email integration is a very powerful way of centralising all patient communication and interaction. You can now track and record every patient email, referrer email and lab technician email directly in Chiral, without having to learn to use a new email application, as our system employs familiar methods. This way your important patient information, vital for treatment planning, is safe, and won’t be lost nor neglected.
Apart from the standard use of emails, the Chiral email feature can also be used for marketing purposes, allowing for compelling and consistent messages to be sent to your database, based on your patient’s’ behaviour and treatment requirements. Open rates and responses can be easily monitored for further actions to be taken or to simply get an idea of your marketing ROI.

VoIP Integration

VoIP technology enables you to monitor patient enquiry conversion, while minimising costs using Chiral’s new telephony integration package.

  • Incoming call identification
  • Click to call for patient communication
  • High quality digital telephone handsets
  • Professional VoIP PBX to reduce practice telecom costs.

Online Booking

Soon, Chiral will offer a further level of integration with the introduction of a bespoke online booking system. Accessible as a portal via your practice website, visitors must first identify whether they are a new or existing patient. For security, a visitor may only access the booking area once they have entered their email address. They will then be issued a forwarding link via email – this is the only way to gain access to prospective appointment data.
Having accessed the booking area, they will find an interactive calendar, populated by available appointments for each date. Patients may also choose to view appointments available with a specific practitioner, selectable from a dropdown list. Once a visitor submits their selected appointment, the practice diary is instantly updated and the appointment is made, hence there is no intermediary stage where an appointment is requested but may become unavailable by the time the receptionist is notified.

Coming soon:


The integration of the accounting software into the practice management system is a very powerful function. Not only does it significantly reduce admin time and bookkeeping costs, it allows your accountant to extract the necessary information at the touch of a button. The integration with Xero gives you the flexibility to view the status of your business at a glance, enabling for appropriate business decisions to be made in the areas that may require your attention.