The Age of Digital Dentistry

As we enter 2021, we inevitably start to reflect on the past year. While this reflection looks very different to previous years, there are always lessons to be learnt and silver linings to be found.

The Collins Dictionary Word of the Year for 2020 may have been ‘lockdown’, but the physical separation we have experienced this year, both at home and at work, has led to greater digital interaction. With Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams becoming ingrained into our everyday routine, we’ve learnt to adapt like never before. Without a doubt, COVID-19 has accelerated digital adoption, a trend that will continue even after the pandemic subsides. The pandemic has changed how we think about and use technology. For businesses, it has introduced opportunities for digital transformation. 

For years many industries have been slowly implementing their digital transformation strategies, but the pandemic quickened the pace for many sectors. The healthcare industry, in particular, moved at lightning speed with sweeping changes, such as the digitisation of health records, virtual patient visits and high-resolution digital imaging. Dentistry should be no different. Unfortunately, dentistry has lagged for the most part, but to survive the post-pandemic world now is the time to adapt and integrate these technologies.

Cloud Migration

Moving to the Cloud allows you to access your practice remotely, whenever you need to, to easily access and update patient data through your existing practice computers, track performance, and keep your data safe via a secure cloud server. Security is a top priority for any medical practice and the cloud keeps your data safer than a physical server in your practice (not to mention it takes up less space!). The Cloud also provides visibility, allowing you to gain a clear view of your practice, or practices, their performance, finances and databases. Moving your practice to the Cloud saves time and money.

Secure Video Conferencing

Video conferencing allows you to provide remote diagnosis, eliminating the need for patients to come to the practice, keeping everyone safe while maintaining that all important patient-dentist relationship. The combination of video conferencing and digitised notes removes the need to send important information by posts, such as dental models and radiographs. It means that everything is kept in one secure location for ease of referral.

Remote Access

Remote access means that you can access your notes, diary, practice finances and speak to your patients wherever you are. Providing patients with a portal they can access remotely increases their expectations and improves their experience. Remote access provides a better workflow for the entire practice, and everyone benefits when your practice runs smoothly.

Coronavirus took over 2020, and while we might not be out of the woods yet, we now know what to expect. Arm your business with the best tools to keep your Covid-safe practice running smoothly and better than ever in 2021. Chiral Cloud is an intelligent all-in-one solution that is secure, flexible and cost-efficient. The right tools can empower digital transformation.

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