Don’t Fear Digital: Enable Digital Dentistry through Cloud Migration

To quote an old saying: “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” As an experienced dentist, you’re set in your ways.

Your practice has served your community for years. You know all the names and faces. Your staff has stayed the same since your doors first opened. You have your set way of working and it’s served you well. So, why shake the tree?

For storied practices, any sort of digital transformation comes with a degree of trepidation, be that a new software package or a grander shift to the cloud. You are, after all, changing the way you work.

And that comes with a degree of risk. You’re counting on your employees quickly getting to grips with a new system. You need all the features you relied on and you want your existing patient records to make the transition smoothly. You can understand why some might be hesitant.

For it to be worthwhile, the benefits have to outweigh the risks. So, why should practices venture into the unknown and take a punt on the cloud?

In a word? Time.

If you’re bogged down with slow processes that demand your insufficient attention, you can see fewer patients. These impact other parts of your business, too.

By ditching your on-site software and paper workflows for the cloud, you can change that. Cloud services work on any computer and require little-to-no maintenance. And it gives you a chance to consolidate your operations with all your practice functions—from appointment planning and accounting to records management and KPI planning—in the same place. Rather than juggling multiple software programs, accessing the data you need to work is just a few clicks away.

“From receptionists to back-office admin workers, support staff are less able to provide the white-glove service your customers demand. And you’re forced to rely on in-person, manual administration processes that are less and less appealing during the ongoing pandemic.”

Your patients will love the frictionless experience that comes with a modern practice IT system, which means less time spent in the waiting room. They don’t want to fill out paper appointment and registration forms. They’d much rather do that at their convenience, using their devices. Modern cloud-based systems can make that happen.

Not convinced? How about another word: Money.

Yes, there’s the productivity benefits that come from the switch to the cloud. With all parts of your operations working like a well-oiled machine, your team will work faster, allowing you to see more patients in the same amount of time. You’ll also find yourself spending less money on software licenses and ongoing maintenance, leaving you more cash in your back pocket to invest in your practice.

And by replacing your on-premises software with a secured, managed cloud service, you can guarantee your patient records are protected by a cast-iron system based on modern encryption and industry best practices. With security and patient privacy taken care of, you’ll breathe easy.

Change isn’t easy, but it’s almost always worth it. The cloud is no exception. While the prospect of modernising your IT may seem daunting, you won’t regret it. Your patients will be happier, your team will be more productive and you’ll spend less money on operational costs.

Are you looking to get started? Chiral Systems is a first-class practice management system designed for the cloud that can scale with your business, working just as well with single-practice establishments as with large chains.

With a clean UI, top-notch customer support and integrations with the imaging and accounting systems you already use, Chiral Systems makes it easy to make the switch. Meanwhile, its built-in records and appointment features, reporting tools and affordable pricing make it an obvious choice for any practice eager to hit the ground running.

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