Chiral Systems Partner Spotlight Series

Dr. Paul Ward, Orthodontic Specialist and Partner at Thames Ditton and Redhill Orthodontic Practice

Why did you choose to get into the dental profession?

I wanted a blend of medical care and the practical’ hands-on’ side of dentistry. In the first few years after qualifying, I developed an interest in orthodontic treatment, so I went back to university for specialist training.

Tell us about your practice/practices, and where are you based?

I work in two locations, Thames Orthodontics in Thames Ditton and Redhill Orthodontic Practice, both in Surrey.

What types of treatments do you offer?

My main area of interest has always been a discreet orthodontic treatment for adults and adolescents. The balance of this has changed from lingual appliances (fixed braces fitted on the inner surface of the teeth) towards clear aligner treatments. I am very focused on making the treatment process as straightforward and problem-free for my patients and have found that clear aligners allow me to realise this goal. This ultimately will enable us to deliver the amazing results a specialist-led treatment can offer with customer care and backup of a practice dedicated to orthodontic care.

2020 was a year of challenge and change. How has your practice(s) adapted during COVID-19?

The whole dental profession has been outstanding during the pandemic. There have been lots of challenges, and we put ourselves in harm’s way daily. Our patients appreciate the work that happens behind the scenes by all practices. It’s our priority to deliver our care in a safe environment for our staff and our patients. This has been the making of many great teams. Our practices have been no exception, and I am eternally grateful for the support they have provided.

Why did you choose Chiral Systems as the company to provide your practice management software solution?

I met Dominic a few years ago when we were looking for a new software management system. I thought his approach was novel, and the software was more revolutionary and not evolution. He asked me to be involved with the orthodontic module design for Chiral, which seemed like the ideal opportunity to create some software from scratch that was truly fit for purpose.

Why did you integrate Chiral Cloud?

I had worked with the desktop version of Chiral for several years and was happy, but the cloud based service allowed us access from multiple locations. Many orthodontists are based in two or more surgeries, and the ability to access patient information from anywhere improves the care we can provide. Being cloud based also allowed a faster development schedule for the software and implementation of new ideas. We have seen the software improve at a quicker rate than previously.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned as a dental professional?

To listen first and speak second.